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My little artistic haven. Home of my fan art, wallpapers and occasional poetic musings. Most of my work so far has been inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and one particular vamp called 'Spike'.


Have a look around and enjoy. Also don't forget to leave me your comments in the Guestbook.




13th August Surprised myself with another wallpaper. What can I say - this one speaks for itself - Less Water Please


9th August Well have been extremely busy with other website developments and not really had any inspiration for wallpapers until I saw these pics. I give you DBDavid ...


12th May Well things have been pretty quiet lately with me concentrating on moving the site to it's new home at KaBeKa. Nice new domain with lots of lots of graphicy space... weehee...


18th April I'm really pleased won the Best FanArt Site in Round 7 of the Stinky Yak Cheese Awards. It's great to get a little recognitions occassionally woohoo..



25th March Have finally been inspired to make a couple more new wallpapers. These ideas have been in my head for weeks but it is only just now that I have finally got around to doing them. I present to you my lates wallpapers... 'Puppet of Prophecy' and 'My New Right Hand Man'


7th January The final four new wallpapers in my new series of wallpapers - Angel Season 5 Series - 'Wesley', 'Gunn', 'Fred', and 'Spike'


6th January Very pleased to finally find my muse again. It's been a while since I have created any new pieces. I present to you the first two piece in a new series of wallpapers - Angel Season 5 Series - 'Lorne' and 'Angel'


15th December Absolutely thrilled - have just won awardeds for Best Fanartist and Outstanding Fanart Creativity om the Fancy Me Yours Awards.



24th September Added the latest AtS Promo pics for Season 5 Episode 2 to the 'Angel the Series' gallery. Again thanks to Fraz at spikeonange.com.


23rd September Have added a new section 'Angel the Series' to Eye Candy. Thanks to Fraz at spikeonangel for the four latest promo high resolution pics

16th September Oh so good news :-) Shannon at Shades of Grey has just informed me that my wallpsper SpikeAngel has just won the Best Wallpaper category in the Shades of Grey Awards



13th September Have added an icons section to Nummy Treat. Includes the 'Tongue Lusting' series as well as some very nice animated gif's of the Andromeda screencaps.


9th September Well I finally was able to find a copy of the Andromeda episode that James Marsters appeared in. I was so impressed I decided this was going to become a screencap project. So now you will find the screencaps to Andromeda episode 2.09 'Into the Labyrinth' in the Eye Candy section.

James in Andromeda Screencaps


3rd September Two new wallpapers up today. Both have been inspired by conversations with friends. Harmony is just going to turn Angel and Spikes lives upside down - and I can't wait - hence 'Two With One Without'. Also I was having a discussion with a friend regarding sexy men on tv and realised that all the men on 'Angel' are just little hotties - James Marsters of course being the hottest. Anyway the result was 'Hot in the City'


28th August Two new wallpapers added to the site. 'Mercedes' and 'Angelic David'. I'm really happy with the addition of Harmony as a series regular in 'Angel', she will bring just the right touch of comedy to the show. As for the DB wallpaper, this picture just captured me I haven't been able to get it out of my mind - had to do something with it - and this is it.


26th August Well it's a bit later in the day and woohoo just found out that I have won the 'Blind Award for Best Splash Graphic' in the Something Blue Awards. Have to say that is one of my favourite pieces.



Also have just finished a new wallpaper based on some beautiful pictures of Emma Caulfield - 'Emma'


It has been one of those amazing days when all sort of stuff has happened. Jana (hey hon you rock!!) from Spoiler Crypt asked me to customize my wallpaper 'Together Again' into a new wallpaper for 'Spoiler Crypt' - so here it is 'Spoiler Crypt 1'


26th August Some new pics have surface for the upcoming season of Angel. Just couldn't resist trying to do something with them - hence my new wallpaper 'Together Again'


Also happy to find out that I was runner up in the Best Site Name category of the 'Chosen Awards' - glad others like the name woohoo.



16th August Finally finished off the Matrix 2 series of wallpapers that I started a couple of months ago. I have added them to the wallpaper section under 'Nummy Treat'


14th August My muse finally decided to come back from holidays and the result is a new wallpaper "Smart Dressed Man' - Yay


13th August Wow two updates in the same day. Have managed to get lots done with the picture gallery. So if you go along into 'Eye Candy' you will now find gallaries for David, Alexis and Nick. I have also managed to start an update on the links page.


13th August Gee been a few weeks since I last updated. Unfortunately my muse has gone on holidays, I believe she was last seen in Fiji catching some pacific rays. Anyway I'm still working on the Buffy Music Art Series and hopefully will have something new very soon.


Meanwhile I just found out that I have WON the Best Fanart category, and was runner up in the Best Site Name category at the Jealous Much Awards. Yay me!!!!!!




31st July Have finally got around to starting on the 'Eye Candy' picture gallery. So far have a nice little section of James/Spike pics. Soon will have up the David/Angel, Alexis/Wesley and Nick/Xander gallerys.


20th July Have been working very hard on my new layout - hope you like it. Decided to include the new spash I made for the site in the fanart section. The new gallery 'Eye Candy' should be up and running within the next week or so.


10th July Finally have managed to finish the second piece in my Buffy Music Art Series. Titled: Black Cat Bone by Laika - it is from the episode 'Wrecked'. This piece of music was actually played whilst Willow visited 'Racks'


8th July Have finally managed to get the Guestbooks up and running - have something to say - there is the place - you can find it under 'Contact'

Also have a new wallpaper up Spike Angel

6th July Ok so blow my mind away. I asked Misty at Misty's Howling Website Reviews to come on over and give me her thoughts on the site. Surprise, surprise I think she liked it. Have a look at the review go and have a look. I also couldn't pass up the opportunity to put up one of the awards - oh damn I put them both up - weehee




4th July Well it has been quite a while since I have updated the site. During that time lots has happened. For me the ending of BtVS was terribly sad and the only redeming factor was the announcement that Spike would return in the next season of Angel.


A big woohoo for me just recently with the announcements in the 3rd round of the Fancy Me Yours Awards. Someone out there must like me cause yay me - I was Runner Up in the Best Wallpaper Creator Section.



Over the next few weeks I will be doing some major work on the site getting it updated, I have so many wallpapers and pieces of fanart to upload so there will be a little more organising there.


5th April 2003 It's been one of those days so I just decided to close off and make a wallpaper - Lorne this time - loved this pic when I first saw it - I have added to 'Nummy & Filling'.

2nd April 2003 It's been close to a week and I am still in awe of James after rewatching 'Lies My Parents Told Me'. I loved William in the episode especially his interaction with his mother - this is the result from that inspiration - "My Bloody Awful Poet" which I have added to 'Nummy & Filling'.

I have also been nominated in the Fancy Me Your's Awards in the category of 'Best Wallpaper Creator' - WOW what an honor - you can see all my wallpaper goodies under 'Nummy & Filling'

28th March 2003 After watching 'Lies My Parents Told Me' which was totally terrific two things happened. Firstly this idea for a wallpaper jumped into my head - this is the result - Mission Specialists which I have added to 'Nummy & Filling'. Secondly I had to urge to write another spuffy poem - shucks - so here it is Eternity which can be found under 'Verse or Two'

25th March 2003 Added 4 new wallpapers to Nummy & Filling - Spikes Journey, Randy, Denied & Wesley

14th March 2003 Added 2 new wallpapers by me and also 5 new wallpapers to Dene's Spoiler Crypt Challenge (See Nummy & Filling)

13th March 2003 Update to DeSoto Built for Two - two more chapters of Spikey goodness

12th March 2003 Dene's Spoiler Crypt Challenge can now be found under Nummy & Fillings. You can also find there some of my own wallpapers.

25th February 2003 New update to DeSoto Built for Two

5th January 2003 I have posted Cat's recount of James and GotR's Saturday night gig at the Knitting Factory. You can find it under Nummy & Filling - Luv ya Cat

30th January 2003 Yay I have finally got the round robin fic - DeSoto Built for Two - up on the site. This is a collaborative effort and my first contribution to fiction writing. Is a WIP currently 4 parts.

29th January 2003 Check out all the new links - lots of fun to be had by all. Of course I didn't forget to include my other obsession - breastfeeding.

27th January 2003 New link to SpikesPets revamped site 'Delusions and Daydreams'

26th January 2003 Site has now been updated to include the poetic works of Overworked

24th January 2003 New screencaps of James Marsters interview on the Craig Kilborn Show - Jan 2003 can be found in the Vids/Caps section



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